Burning Man 2012 Fertility 2.0

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the people, the music, the sun, the night, the Man, the Temple, the art, and the Human Connection. Such wonderful beauty! Such inspirational creativity! All of this, summed up into two words: ‘Best Burn’… So far ;).

Burning Man 2012, Fertility 2.0 was one of the best experiences of my young life. Things went right this year.

First, I would like to thank and acknowledge all of the amazing new Burners that came out to the 2012 Burn. You all are amazing people. You all stepped up and created new art, new experiences, and reinforced the integrity of the Burner Culture (something that is constantly being questioned by veteran Burners). I am impressed. I’m also inspired.

The art out at this year’s Burn was epic, as always. Large roving structures┬ácaressed┬áthe Playa with sound systems to rival any club in the Default world. Burners danced into the night, only to be greeted with a communal cheer as the sun crested Black Rock City’s surrounding mountains. The Man’s interior was a honeycomb of human interaction and delight and the Temple was the most spiritual place on the planet, if but for a moment. Ah! Lessons in the Temporary.

We build the city and we Burn it down. It is our ritual. In many instances, it is our life. Poetry of the soul, and I can’t wait to do it all over again. Burning Man is the one place, the one thing, in this world that I can always get my hopes up for and NEVER be disappointed. What a strange thing we have created!

I will tell many of the stories of this Burn in the coming weeks. For now, I would like to share some helpful advice about life after the Burn.


1) Don’t quit your day job/don’t make any super-important life changing decisions for a minimum of 3 weeks. 2 months is better. We’re all wound up like tops when we come back from the Burn. It happens every year. Decompression parties/events happen for a reason. Take some time to gain perspective on life and the default world, then go from there.

2) Write it down. Everything that you are feeling and thinking in your head. Get it on paper and start sorting it out. You just lived in a place of 54K people for a week. You developed new relationships and reaffirmed old ones. Feelings of loneliness are natural. A friend put it really well when he said “I’ve never been so inspired, charged, pumped, and incredibly lonely and lost all at the same time.” This is natural. How do you exist in the default after so much sensory input? *Suggestion: Sleep over parties and nap time with friends… it helps.*

3) Bring it home. Don’t stop being inspired. That gigantic ship that you climbed, that dome you danced in, that art you Burned, all of it was created by someone. Don’t start thinking in limitations. This community is amazing. If you have an amazing idea, get on it and get your friends to help. If you don’t have friends, hit up your regional. If you don’t know your regional (Check the Burning Man site), email me. I’m always down to talk ideas and inspiration. Also, you don’t have to stop living the Burner culture off of the Playa. Bring the Human Connection home and start teaching others how to interact on a meaningful, day to day basis. You don’t have to have gone to Burning Man anymore to be a Burner.

4) Start planning. Next year is coming up fast. Get on it.

5) Never go to the Burn without some sort of goal. If you just ‘go’ to Burning Man ‘just because’, you may not have as good of a time. The Playa provides and Burner Magic is in the air.

I’ll be posting more later. For now, work on re-entry and be happy! The world is an amazing place!

Burning Man 2012: Tickets & Ideas

This is the first installment of a weekly article on the Burner (Burning Man) culture, current events, and stories.

Burning Man Burners Crossing SignThe STEP program has rolled out. While I can’t say it is a system that truly works (Multiple page timeouts , getting dropped from the queue, and the system opening and closing within a half hour), it is a system. Currently I have heard of at least two people receiving tickets through the STEP program. This is two more than I would have predicted seeing as most Burners that I have talked to are trying to supply their camps first and friends second. Many are not considering giving extra tickets to STEP. I am happy that some people are getting tickets through the program.

If you don’t know already, Burning Man has been contacting theme camps, art cars, and infrastructure contacts to make sure that these participants get tickets to the Burn. As I have not received a call myself (my camp’s village has) I can’t say whether this piece of information is 100% true or not but word on the street is;

“The BMORG is distributing tickets to the theme camps. You need to have your application in by March 8th and there will be a small window to purchase them on March 9th. I just received a phone call from a long time burner who has created large art asking me if I could spare one and his camp hasn’t applied for placement yet. If you are part of a camp and do not have tickets get that application in ASAP. “

After doing some research, I have found the full letters to camp leads and art cars have been posted at http://www.reddit.com/r/BurningMan/comments/ps45r/placement_team_letter_to_tcos/.

Now that step is closed, I have seen many Burners without tickets asking how they should now go about getting tickets. Here is a list of suggestions:

1) If you have ever been part of a theme camp, get in touch with your camp and submit an application by March 8th and hope your camp gets accepted/invited to come to Burning Man. You have three days.
2) If you have not been part of a theme camp, find friends that have and ask them if they need or have any extra openings for new members. Jump on board with theme camps and art cars that are applying.
3) Search and find any art projects that have access to tickets but still need people.
4) Start joining groups and forums for the larger Burning Man scene, meet other Burners, and try to network your way into getting a ticket. If you need some links to specific groups, feel free to email me at capacityanddesire@gmail.com and I will get back to you with some suggestions.
5) Watch the STEP program closely during the next few months. As we get closer to the Burn, many people find that they can’t make the Burn. An estimated 40% of tickets sold so far have been to Virgin Burners. I’m guessing that at least 10% of that 40% will not be able to go to the Burn. Their tickets will open up to the larger community so be ready to grab one of those when they become available.
6) Try not to feed the scalpers. We don’t want to give them the money or satisfaction of exploiting this situation.
7) If all else fails, look into going to some of the Regional Burns that have spread throughout the world. Spread the Burner culture, teach others the 10 principles, hug everyone, create new art, put on a show, start a traveling performance tour, etc.

This year is going to be an interesting Burn. Please make sure to like this post and share it with your friends to give them some ideas on how to get tickets too. If you want to follow future Burning Man articles from Capacity and Desire, please like the Capacity and Desire Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.