Performance in a World of Possibilities

The world is a truly amazing place. It’s full of wonders. Get outside, seek them out, create them. It will make things interesting.

I’ve always loved being on the stage. Getting up in front of a crowd and moving, singing, dancing and laughing. Inspiring people. It’s something worth loving.

Every performer knows the magic that is performance. The magic of getting ready for a show, the fun chaos of hell weeks. The singular focus that brings multiple people together to create something fun, and something new.

Stanislovsky had it right. Being a performer is a noble thing. Others get to see you living life in an amazing world. Others become involved, entrapped in something that they connect with at a basic level. It helps bring purpose into their worlds. Another reason to live.

Sometimes I want to empower the world so that people’s true capacities can be fully reached. Everyone is capable of everything. As soon as an individual realizes this, the possibilities in their life tend to open. Empower each other. It makes everything more awesome.