C+D: My Art

Happy Friday! Figured I’d share my art with readers today! Some of this is in progress and some of it is finished! Let me know what you think! A few of these paintings were done as live paintings at shows. An art easel, acrylic paints, a light, and earplugs are some good things to have when doing live paintings.

I’ve been thinking about the main goal of this site (To support Nightlife, Performance, and the Burner Cultures), and how some of the posts here can be getting a bit off topic. Starting next week, the posts will be more focused and targeted, highlighting different nightlife and performance aspects. Burning Man articles will still run at least once a week. Remember to like this site on Facebook and Twitter to get regular updates. If you would like to suggest a topic, please email me at CapacityandDesire@gmail.com.