Capacity + Desire Portfolio

Wine World & Spirits – Online Marketing Manager

Wine World & Spirits is a fantastic locally owned and operated wine, liqueur, and spirits mega-store located in Seattle. The website is the longest running web design project that I have worked on. Originally just a content editor, the site is now fully designed and curated by me using WordPress as a content management system.


Online sales and promotions. Helped grow the company from $250k/month to $500k/month. Online sales have grown from an average of $2000/month to $10,000 per month during the time I have worked at Wine World and Spirits.

Web Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO – Wine World & Spirits always ranks at the top of any searches for Wine in Seattle), Google Analytics (Tracking page hits, website performance and optimization), Google AdWords, online promotions, blogging and site management.

Email Marketing

In charge of writing, designing, editing, and distributing Wine World’s twice weekly email newsletter to over 25,000 contacts. When integrated with our ecommerce platform, we’re able to attribute sales of over 1000 bottles per week through email lead generation.

Web Design, SEO, and Google Analytics

Designed and maintained the website while focusing on Search Engine Optimization. The Wine World website currently sees over 1,700 unique visitors weekly with over 1200 of those visits coming from searches within the State of Washington.

Online Content Creation

WordPress theme maintenance (SEO, back-end management and coding), flyer and advertisement design, events and store pictures, videos.

Social Media Manager

YouTube (video editing and optimization), Facebook Page (Facebook ads, insights, daily posting and customer interactions. 1,500 likes to 5,400+ likes on $3 budget per day), WordPress Blog writing and editing, Twitter (customer interaction), Google Places, Foursquare, and Yelp integration and interactions.

Marketing Specialist

Designed and implemented marketing campaigns. Designed flyers and posters for the store and designed the new Growler Bar logo and Facebook page.

Database Management

Access and QuickBooks Point of Sale data management.


Event and product photographer using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop for production.