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David Shing makes sense. Gawker’s ValleyWag? Not so much.

I just read Shingy Just Spent 20 Minutes Yelling Insane Gibberish on a Stage by Sam Biddle over on Gawker’s ValleyWag. Now, normally I don’t write response posts (actually I believe this will be my first), but I wanted to take a moment to disagree with everything that post is about. Let’s point out that I haven’t heard of David Shing before reading/watching the ValleyWag post.

If you follow the world of online marketing and advertising, most everything that Shing said in that horribly edited (20 minutes down to 4?) video, made sense. Let’s take a look at the bullet points takeaways that Biddle points out and take a moment to explain them:

    • Hyper-gratification
      In the world of marketing and social media today, people are bombarded by advertisements. Banner-ads, social media ads, signs, mobile ads, audio ads, radio ads, and more all try to snag our attention.  Marketers have to get their signal through to us while competing with the market noise from other brands. When they do get their signals through, it is essential to instill a sense of gratification with whatever product/signal is being transmitted/communicated. If your customers aren’t hyper-gratified in this day and age, they’ll move on to your competition in a heartbeat.
    • Videos are good
      Videos are INSANELY good right now. Facebook, Instagram and a few other big social media world players have been rolling out video ad functions where videos will automatically play as you’re scrolling past them in your social media feeds. Movement on the screen attracts attention. Attention = a chance for your targeted messages to get seen.
    • “Sound will be very important to us in the future”
      Want to know which of the 5 sense signals reaches your brain the fastest and causes you to react to your surroundings? It’s sound. Combine that fact with some very interesting sound technology, that can beam sound directly to a spot a few hundred meters away, and you’ve got a very fun combination for new ways to market to potential customers.
    • Wearables
      Wearable technology and the potentials of wearable tech is exciting. Right now, there are bluetooth shirts that allow you to feel the touch of a partner or friend from around the world, video screens that are being embedded into shirts, micro batteries that will allow your phone to stay charged for weeks, and new smart watches that integrate with everything. Wearable tech is just coming into existance and it’s the most exciting thing to happen. Ever. Heck, even I’m getting into creating wearable tech. Check out this wonderful TED talk touching on wearable tech.

    • 6-?
      No idea on this one.
    • Embrace always logged in
      People are sleeping with their smart phones. They’re even swimming with them at this point. Combine this with new data on how people interact online, Neuro Science, and content driven, relevant, Facebook trying to connect the world, value added marketing and it changes how companies interact with everyone on this planet.
    • Embrace Platforms
      Platforms are the wild West right now. Who knows what app might show up on some platform that catapults everyone associated with that product/platform into financial stardom. Can you integrate the platforms? You’re a superstar. Go forth and get hired.
    • Co-Create
      Actually, I haven’t heard this one all that much. It’s fantastic though and it has to happen more. One of the biggest issues that I keep finding in the world today is generalization of skills. Oh, you’re a marketer? Yeah that’s nice but can you do lead generation? Co-creating, working together, and bringing in the specialists will make sure a product is done right. Heck, maybe if the Government actually had some web development companies co-create the site, it wouldn’t have been such a fiasco.
    • Ever seen a cat with Wi-Fi?
      No, but I’m not really paying attention to Cats. I do know about plants that tweet though… and you HAVE to watch the video.

  • Who gave that cat Wi-Fi?
    If the cat has Wi-Fi, some really interesting people spent some time giving that cat Wi-Fi. Speaking of which, if the cat can have Wi-Fi, maybe that person can help develop stuff with feelSpace. My idea? Wearable tech for the blind so they can have a dance space and create movement art. More on that later.
  • What’s the future of purple? Dark purple.
    OMG Color!!! More neuroscience and marketing crossovers.

If you exist or pay attention in the world of Online Marketing, David Shing was pointing out some of the trends that are happening in our online world now. He might not be the greatest presenter, but he certainly is talking about the right things.

There’s more to talk about, but I’m in the process of moving so I’ll have to write more later.

About Nate: A marketing/advertising/creative/web designer/performer living in Seattle and performing around the world. You can find more of his work on Limitless Reflection.

Burning Man 2012 Fertility 2.0

The sights, the sounds, the smells, the people, the music, the sun, the night, the Man, the Temple, the art, and the Human Connection. Such wonderful beauty! Such inspirational creativity! All of this, summed up into two words: ‘Best Burn’… So far ;).

Burning Man 2012, Fertility 2.0 was one of the best experiences of my young life. Things went right this year.

First, I would like to thank and acknowledge all of the amazing new Burners that came out to the 2012 Burn. You all are amazing people. You all stepped up and created new art, new experiences, and reinforced the integrity of the Burner Culture (something that is constantly being questioned by veteran Burners). I am impressed. I’m also inspired.

The art out at this year’s Burn was epic, as always. Large roving structures caressed the Playa with sound systems to rival any club in the Default world. Burners danced into the night, only to be greeted with a communal cheer as the sun crested Black Rock City’s surrounding mountains. The Man’s interior was a honeycomb of human interaction and delight and the Temple was the most spiritual place on the planet, if but for a moment. Ah! Lessons in the Temporary.

We build the city and we Burn it down. It is our ritual. In many instances, it is our life. Poetry of the soul, and I can’t wait to do it all over again. Burning Man is the one place, the one thing, in this world that I can always get my hopes up for and NEVER be disappointed. What a strange thing we have created!

I will tell many of the stories of this Burn in the coming weeks. For now, I would like to share some helpful advice about life after the Burn.


1) Don’t quit your day job/don’t make any super-important life changing decisions for a minimum of 3 weeks. 2 months is better. We’re all wound up like tops when we come back from the Burn. It happens every year. Decompression parties/events happen for a reason. Take some time to gain perspective on life and the default world, then go from there.

2) Write it down. Everything that you are feeling and thinking in your head. Get it on paper and start sorting it out. You just lived in a place of 54K people for a week. You developed new relationships and reaffirmed old ones. Feelings of loneliness are natural. A friend put it really well when he said “I’ve never been so inspired, charged, pumped, and incredibly lonely and lost all at the same time.” This is natural. How do you exist in the default after so much sensory input? *Suggestion: Sleep over parties and nap time with friends… it helps.*

3) Bring it home. Don’t stop being inspired. That gigantic ship that you climbed, that dome you danced in, that art you Burned, all of it was created by someone. Don’t start thinking in limitations. This community is amazing. If you have an amazing idea, get on it and get your friends to help. If you don’t have friends, hit up your regional. If you don’t know your regional (Check the Burning Man site), email me. I’m always down to talk ideas and inspiration. Also, you don’t have to stop living the Burner culture off of the Playa. Bring the Human Connection home and start teaching others how to interact on a meaningful, day to day basis. You don’t have to have gone to Burning Man anymore to be a Burner.

4) Start planning. Next year is coming up fast. Get on it.

5) Never go to the Burn without some sort of goal. If you just ‘go’ to Burning Man ‘just because’, you may not have as good of a time. The Playa provides and Burner Magic is in the air.

I’ll be posting more later. For now, work on re-entry and be happy! The world is an amazing place!

Coming Back to Reality

Every now and then we need to take a breath, look around, and recognize reality. Take the time to analyze life in an objective moment. Triggering introspective immediacy can be beneficial to living life to its fullest.

I strive to reach my true capacity. Sometimes I stray from my goals. I lose what I want to the moment. This isn’t a bad thing. It just is. The cool thing is being able to recognize that I may have lost momentum. I have the ability to correct this. Analysis and reaction. It’s rad.

One of my favorite movies is Never Back Down. In addition to being a great MMA movie, the writer(s) for the movie took a moment to try and get a point across to us: It’s up to us to control the moment, control the outcome of a situation, and control our own lives. Everything we are is on ourselves. We are responsible for who and what we are.

If something doesn’t go right for me, it’s because I have done something wrong. I could have done things differently, and it’s on me to recognize that fact. That’s when the ability to analyze and change direction comes into play.

The major outlying factor that continuously derails, distracts or enhances this process is emotion. I am an emotional creature. I feel. I’m grateful for this (though at times it can be the bane of my existence). Experiencing emotions… (heh… how strange. I start to type about my emotions and I suddenly find myself at a loss for words.)

It has been a while since I’ve really allowed myself to feel emotions in my full capacity. I haven’t really taken the time to explore them. I guess we can say that it’s been a while since I’ve really paid attention to myself. I’ve concentrated on putting my energies into others. It’s something I know and I’m good at it.

Well then… Cool. I guess I’m going to have to start opening up and start allowing things to happen. I have no idea how I’ll be going about doing this… It should get interesting.

C+D: Creating, Updating, and Branding

Capacity and Desire

The C+D brand building is starting to happen. Business cards are coming soon. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are all up and running with new content. Google + will be updated when everything is flushed out and ready. Seattle pages and users on Facebook are starting to connect. It’s keeping me motivated.

I’m working on my SEO skills (Thanks to Google and SEOmoz). Capacity and Desire is now connected to Google Analytics and pictures throughout the site are SEO optimized. Check out some new content out over in the Pictures|Video section of the site. The C+D Pinterest page is being used daily. Definitely check it out and follow some of the boards that you may be interested in.

I’m hoping to get some posts ready to auto update during the first week in Seattle. Currently, I’m updating the code and structure of the site. A ‘next page’ button/link will be available soon to see older posts.

Moving and Performing:

I’m moving to Seattle soon. Very soon. In fact, I’ve stopped saying months and have now moved on to saying days. You could say that I’m a little nervous about the move. You could also say that I’m extremely excited. I have so much to do before I go. It’s strange to think that I could actually leave tomorrow if I get a job that early.

I’m learning some very fun and interesting dance combinations to add to my ever-growing pool of moves. I’m hoping I can take my dance fusion class to Seattle when I get there. I am also hoping to partner up with Wren LaFeet and get some new performance material down. Performing in a new state while using the Capacity and Desire brand will be fun.

On a related dance subject, La Preuve Par 4 is a dance team that uses moves that I can recreate. Their performance video from a street team dance competition in 2011 is what I’m currently using as inspiration. Check it out below.

Be on the lookout for a new post Monday!