Working With Limitations

There are times when I find myself pushing my body to its limits. I’ve noticed that when I don’t eat healthy and then push myself, I tend to get sick. This past week has been a one-two-three knockout punch to my immune system. A combination of stress, eating incorrectly, performing, and a lack of sleep all caused me to finally go down for the count. I got a bit sick.

The stress and lack of sleep both stem from my current jobs. My day job, which I find to be quite fun, is getting slammed during this Christmas season. My department alone has done more sales in the first few days of this month than it has ever done in any previous month. Combine that with my contract jobs, which are really shifting into high-gear for the end of the year, and I’m pushing myself to my work-limit. This has caused me to fall a little behind on the learning Python coding.

Capacity and DesirePerforming at the Bootie Seattle Holiday Party was a blast. I managed to round up a decent costume. I practiced my face painting skills with some new Mac makeup. The design I used was based off of a Wildchild World photo. I didn’t have enough time to really go all the way with the makeup, but I got far enough that I was getting some pretty decent compliments throughout the night. There are some really helpful guides on face-painting techniques over on

It’s always fun to have random people come up to you later in the night and thank you for performing. I like to inspire people and it’s nice to hear it when I do. Check out the video of A+D rocking out (with a bit of dancing in the background) here.

Saturday through Wednesday afternoon were spent recovering from being sick and I almost didn’t make it to aerial. I’m really glad I did though because I ended up nailing a move that I’ve been wanting to do for a few weeks! Progress!

This next week, I plan on stepping up the Python coding, eating healthy, working out more and finishing some of the contract jobs I’m working on. The next big performance is in two weeks for NYE with Super Geek League. I can’t wait to show you all the costume I’m going to be wearing for NYE!!!

Bass Fans and Pictures

Ah! It’s always wonderful to get in a new set of fans for the Facebook page! I finally figured out how I’m going to grow the site and Facebook pages without paying for tons of promotions. I’m going to use my camera (BTW Bassdrop fans… Dubstep fans in general… you all rock!). I took a ton of pictures of Friday’s Bassdrop show and many of them turned out great! I’m glad I got to capture so many moments as they happened. This new camera rocks! I can’t wait to do it again. If you haven’t seen the pictures from the show, hit up the Facebook page and check them out!

I got to meet Freaq Nasty at the show on Friday. Awesome, awesome person. He’s directly responsible for me dancing so hard at a night at Burning Man 2010 that I went through 3 gallons of water (Ishe, Bassnectar, Freaq Nasty, and Mimosa… best set EVER!).

Bassdrop Music WashingtonSpeaking of the camera, it was really hard to dance with it. I’m going to have to find a way to make a camera holster for while I’m dancing. I have the camera bags, it will now be about finding out the right combination of straps to make the camera accessible and safe while moving.

This weekend was fairly hectic; Friday was the Bassdrop show. Saturday was spent editing and posting the photos from Friday night and then running off to work for a while. I then spent the rest of the weekend working on a client’s website. All of the website stuff pushed me back on the timeline for learning Python (I also dropped the ball on some workouts and conditioning for Aerial).

This week is going to be spent finishing the client’s site, playing catch-up on all of the coding, and prepping for this weekend. Bootie Seattle Holiday Party is this Friday. I’ll be dancing at it. Come out and see me! Bootie shows are so much fun! Hopefully I’ll have a costume ready by then. I’ll also work on face painting this week to be ready for the show.

I’m really excited to be booked for NYE! More on that in the next post (look for it later this week).

LeFey Aerial

Denver readers! I’d like to showcase a new Aerial studio created and operated by my friend, Liam Lefey.

LeFey Aerial. Liam is an amazing instructor who has been an aerial performer for many years. The studio is being run in both a class format and open workout gym with a monthly membership. People with memberships get reduced prices on classes.

Here is a video of Liam performing last winter at an indoor event.

Go check out Liam’s website LeFey Aerial and contact him if you’re interested in joining LeFey Aerial.

C+D: My Art

Happy Friday! Figured I’d share my art with readers today! Some of this is in progress and some of it is finished! Let me know what you think! A few of these paintings were done as live paintings at shows. An art easel, acrylic paints, a light, and earplugs are some good things to have when doing live paintings.

I’ve been thinking about the main goal of this site (To support Nightlife, Performance, and the Burner Cultures), and how some of the posts here can be getting a bit off topic. Starting next week, the posts will be more focused and targeted, highlighting different nightlife and performance aspects. Burning Man articles will still run at least once a week. Remember to like this site on Facebook and Twitter to get regular updates. If you would like to suggest a topic, please email me at