Spots Scattered on the Wall

Have you ever watched light flow like water? Have you ever seen a dancer fly, gliding on a wall of silk hundreds of feet above the ground? Have you ever lived in a world where people treat themselves as works of art, using each moment to shine externally as they do internally?

We live in a world of wonders. A place where anything you imagine can happen. If you dream it, you can create it. Design is only limited by time. Take the time to design your world and you can create limitless wonders and dreams. Treat the world as if it will still be here tomorrow and make something that matters.


Firebird Rising: Phase 1 – Funding

Dearest Burner Community,

It is with extreme pleasure that I have the opportunity to present you with Firebird Rising. I am so excited that this show will be coming into existence. It’s struck a spark within me.

Firebird RisingDo you remember the first time you saw the Playa at night? That sense of overwhelming wonder and amazement. A place ripe with beauty and magic! Lights and sound cascading into the air of the world to create a physical pulse of something truly alive and deeply right. Travelers that were never truly strangers would pass and look you in the eyes and smile, because you are beautiful! What’s that shining light in the distance? Is it art? Is it a person? Whatever it is, it’s where you need to be and oh Oh! The journey there will be quite delightful! Let’s hop a ship and gift a story. Dance and tumble and laugh and breathe! Scream ‘I am!’ and hug your neighbor.

Do you remember the first time you came upon the Temple? Reading the lives of humanity. Learning their stories. The silence. The sound of fifty thousand whispers and the intricate weave of healing. A cry of joy from the masses at sunrise, just for the shear sake of greeting the sun. The warmth of the fire on your face as you say goodbye for yet another year.

Do you remember the first time you rounded the final corner and saw the city of Black Rock? The size and shape of a city centered around one lone figure, visited by all who attend. Do you remember your first burn? Hundreds of individual fires igniting at once to create a shared experience of something amazing. The rushing excitement as we all lit up as one and celebrated our existence!

Dearest Burners, we have created a new culture, something wonderful, worth living for. We have created a culture that has no physical boundaries, no religious requirements, and is open and available to all who wish to participate.

It’s time to gift another slice of our culture to the default world. Firebird Rising is that gift. Combining light, sound, visual effects, theater, puppetry, projection mapping, aerial dancing, fire, stilts and more all choreographed to original musical pieces interlaced with Stravinsky’s Firebird, Firebird Rising is going to be an inspiration to all it touches.

It needs some help in getting off the ground. As of this writing, Firebird Rising has raised $7,000 of the $25,000 that it needs to come into existence. Please, take five minutes out of your day and watch the video below. Be inspired. Contribute if you can and if you can’t, please help us spread the word of Firebird Rising by sharing the Indiegogo campaign and the video. We have less than one week left to meet our goal.

Thank you,

Nate Caretaker

Indiegogo Campaign
Facebook Page

The Imagination Machine – Burning Man 2013

Below is a guest post from my awesome friends, The Fucking Unicorns. They’re Colorado Burning Man family and their art car, The Imagination Machine, is going to be epic:

Dear friends of Capacity and Desire,

How are you? We think you’re swell. Also, you smell nice. Say…do you like unicorns? Do you also like rainbows? Who doesn’t, right? Hey…remember that rainbow art car last year, covered in clouds and humping unicorns? Guess who has two hooves and made that thing…The Fucking Unicorns! No really we did…and we’re working on getting “The Imagination Machine” back out to the playa so that we can play with you again. Wanna help?

What’s that you say? You don’t know who the Fucking Unicorns are?

Well…we’re a theme camp based primarily out of Colorado. We share a collective desire to add more life and color to the world. We are “those” people. The ones walking down the street wearing a little more pink, a lot more faux fur, and way more sparkles than might be considered decent. You know the type? Then we are your new best friends with whip cream and a cherry on top.

What now? You don’t know what the Imagination Machine is?

Capacity and Desire - Fucking Unicorns(Sigh) The Imagination Machine, our pride and joy of the past year, is a mobile double rainbow with 7000 programmable LEDs, unicorns, glowing clouds, an aerial rig, cuddle cave, dance platform, and one of the best views of the playa. What’s not to like, right?

Okay…now you remember. What’s that? Oh…what are we trying to do?

Jesh…so many questions. Okay, here’s the deal. We have a handful of repairs to make to our current vehicle and are working on purchasing a bigger and better vehicle to serve as the long term base for the Imagination Machine. We also have some cosmetic improvements we hope to make by August – like new lighting programs for the LEDs and brighter lighting for the clouds. In the long term, we’ve got some big ideas that include everything from a second aerial rig to new aerial apparatuses to ride-able carousel unicorns to crazy ground effects!

So you want to know what you can do to help, huh? Great question!!

First, check out our Kickstarter link here:

Then, consider donating or helping us spread the word by forwarding the link to your burner friends.

You Sir, are a god among men…a king among non-kings…a star among lesser magnitude stars. What’s that? Oh, you’re a woman? Sorry. That mustache is confusing…but it looks good on you. Shine on you hairy diamond and we will see you on the playa. Good talk Russ.

The Fucking Unicorns

Dancing With Excitement

The Weekend

Ah! And how! Life throws so many things at me sometimes, both good and bad. My weekend was amazingly jam-packed with life! I managed to; work for a client and get their website up and running, go to a barbecue, help host and promote a very successful event at my work, go to a friend’s welcome home party, learn coding, dance at a new and fantastic venue, and go to my work’s holiday party.

Capacity and Desire DanceI always love meeting and sharing new experiences with people. The new venue that I danced in wasn’t like any place that I have danced before! It was located in what looked like an office building in the heart of downtown Seattle. You had to go down a side street, into an unmarked door, up some stairs, and then hang a random left. Boom! Out of nowhere there was a place packed with art, instruments, drinks, dancing, sound, and Burners. Take an old fashioned, gate-closing service elevator to the second floor and you’d see an open gallery populated with more dancers and art.

It was on this second floor that I got to perform. I danced! I don’t know what was up with me that night but I was really feeling the music. Aerial practice is helping me learn a whole new range of movements. After my performance, I had people coming up to thank me for putting on a show. Ah ah! I must be doing something right. It feels good to see people inspired by my movements! I’d like to thank Matt Freedman of Matt Freedman Photography for the great photo he took of me while I was dancing.

The camp, that threw the event, was made up of some of the most wonderful loving and kind people that I have had the pleasure to be around. I’ll definitely be looking them up during Burning Man 2013.


Capacity and Desire FXSpeaking of Burning Man 2013, who’s excited for the new Cargo Cult theme?! I’m going to be developing a space man and alien costume for the event. I’ll be using the FX Prosthetic and Electronic Fashion Design books that just came in the mail to help me.

This week I’ll be; learning more coding with Python, working on client’s web sites, designing a costume for Bootie Seattle’s event next weekend, Aerial practice, learning makeup design, working on a new Burning Man Project and Burner’s Without Borders charity and art project, and working on my photography!