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David Shing makes sense. Gawker’s ValleyWag? Not so much.

I just read Shingy Just Spent 20 Minutes Yelling Insane Gibberish on a Stage by Sam Biddle over on Gawker’s ValleyWag. Now, normally I don’t write response posts (actually I believe this will be my first), but I wanted to take a moment to disagree with everything that post is about. Let’s point out that I haven’t heard of David Shing before reading/watching the ValleyWag post.

If you follow the world of online marketing and advertising, most everything that Shing said in that horribly edited (20 minutes down to 4?) video, made sense. Let’s take a look at the bullet points takeaways that Biddle points out and take a moment to explain them:

    • Hyper-gratification
      In the world of marketing and social media today, people are bombarded by advertisements. Banner-ads, social media ads, signs, mobile ads, audio ads, radio ads, and more all try to snag our attention.  Marketers have to get their signal through to us while competing with the market noise from other brands. When they do get their signals through, it is essential to instill a sense of gratification with whatever product/signal is being transmitted/communicated. If your customers aren’t hyper-gratified in this day and age, they’ll move on to your competition in a heartbeat.
    • Videos are good
      Videos are INSANELY good right now. Facebook, Instagram and a few other big social media world players have been rolling out video ad functions where videos will automatically play as you’re scrolling past them in your social media feeds. Movement on the screen attracts attention. Attention = a chance for your targeted messages to get seen.
    • “Sound will be very important to us in the future”
      Want to know which of the 5 sense signals reaches your brain the fastest and causes you to react to your surroundings? It’s sound. Combine that fact with some very interesting sound technology, that can beam sound directly to a spot a few hundred meters away, and you’ve got a very fun combination for new ways to market to potential customers.
    • Wearables
      Wearable technology and the potentials of wearable tech is exciting. Right now, there are bluetooth shirts that allow you to feel the touch of a partner or friend from around the world, video screens that are being embedded into shirts, micro batteries that will allow your phone to stay charged for weeks, and new smart watches that integrate with everything. Wearable tech is just coming into existance and it’s the most exciting thing to happen. Ever. Heck, even I’m getting into creating wearable tech. Check out this wonderful TED talk touching on wearable tech.

    • 6-?
      No idea on this one.
    • Embrace always logged in
      People are sleeping with their smart phones. They’re even swimming with them at this point. Combine this with new data on how people interact online, Neuro Science, and content driven, relevant, Facebook trying to connect the world, value added marketing and it changes how companies interact with everyone on this planet.
    • Embrace Platforms
      Platforms are the wild West right now. Who knows what app might show up on some platform that catapults everyone associated with that product/platform into financial stardom. Can you integrate the platforms? You’re a superstar. Go forth and get hired.
    • Co-Create
      Actually, I haven’t heard this one all that much. It’s fantastic though and it has to happen more. One of the biggest issues that I keep finding in the world today is generalization of skills. Oh, you’re a marketer? Yeah that’s nice but can you do lead generation? Co-creating, working together, and bringing in the specialists will make sure a product is done right. Heck, maybe if the Government actually had some web development companies co-create the site, it wouldn’t have been such a fiasco.
    • Ever seen a cat with Wi-Fi?
      No, but I’m not really paying attention to Cats. I do know about plants that tweet though… and you HAVE to watch the video.

  • Who gave that cat Wi-Fi?
    If the cat has Wi-Fi, some really interesting people spent some time giving that cat Wi-Fi. Speaking of which, if the cat can have Wi-Fi, maybe that person can help develop stuff with feelSpace. My idea? Wearable tech for the blind so they can have a dance space and create movement art. More on that later.
  • What’s the future of purple? Dark purple.
    OMG Color!!! More neuroscience and marketing crossovers.

If you exist or pay attention in the world of Online Marketing, David Shing was pointing out some of the trends that are happening in our online world now. He might not be the greatest presenter, but he certainly is talking about the right things.

There’s more to talk about, but I’m in the process of moving so I’ll have to write more later.

About Nate: A marketing/advertising/creative/web designer/performer living in Seattle and performing around the world. You can find more of his work on Limitless Reflection.

Limitless Reflection Whomp Bot Gear

Creating My Future

I’ve been busy.

I’ve been using that sentence as an excuse. An excuse to not write, read, work out, eat correctly, create websites, update my portfolio, design new art, create new costumes, and an unending list of other important things.

That stops now. It’s time to start living up to the title of this page, the title of my business, and my motto. Capacity and Desire. I have grand desires. I have the capacity to manifest those desires. I have the ability to increase my capacity and reach my desires.

It’s time to switch from a person who consumes (Media, Books, Blogs, News, Stories, Pictures, Performances, Sounds, etc), to a person who creates. It’s time to create.

Let’s take a quick look at some of the things that I’m doing to make this happen:

Limitless Reflection Whomp Bot GearMy Limitless Reflection work is in full creation mode. I’ve designed some amazing new sound reactive, remote controlled gear to use in my performances. You can see some of it over on the Limitless Reflection site. I’ll have some of these designs and creations up for sale on my new Etsy page by the end of the week. I’ve also been training daily for future performances. The goal is to take the Limitless Project to a whole new level by the end of the year.

My website creation and design skills are getting better daily. Check out my work on Wine World, Limitless Reflection, and the Capacity and Desire Business sites. I’ve created many of the logos, pictures, page layouts, and designs on these sites. I have a few more sites that are in mid-creation mode right now. They should be done by the end of the week. The goal is to take them and use them to showcase my website design portfolio. I’m going to try and grab some freelance WordPress Website creation and design jobs.

I’ve been writing daily. For two weeks, I’ve been writing for up to an hour before I go to bed. It started off with a goal to create a budget for the next 7 months. I’m happy to report that I’ve stayed on budget and increased my production to reach my goals. It’s a good feeling.

I’m genuinely proud of my work at my current day job. I’ve finally managed to get the site looking close to the way that I want it. It’s running faster, people have commented that it looks better, and we’re generating relevant and valuable content daily. It’s something that I’ve been trying to make happen for a while. Now that we’ve got it headed in the right direction, it’s on me to keep it going that way. Combine the site with the email that I send out to 25,000 2 times a week, and I’m genuinely excited to say that I’m seeing successes in my day job.

I’m stepping up my social media game. I post daily on Instagram (@Limitless_Reflection), connect with at least one person a day on LinkedIn, post daily on the Capacity and Desire Facebook Page, post daily to the Capacity and Desire Twitter account, and I’m back on Pinterest. I read quite a few business blogs and performance art blogs daily.

The next big step is to create, create, create. I’m going to be posting blogs and posts on both the Capacity and Desire site and the Limitless Reflection sites. At a minimum, you’ll see at least one blog a week on both of those sites. The goal will be to have at least 2 posts on Limitless and 3 on C+D weekly.

I’m inspired. I’m pumped. I’m capable. It’s go time!

Limitless Reflection

The Limitless Ball

Limitless ReflectionI need 30 to 8000 piñatas, all of my performer friends in formal wear, a white umbrella for each ballroom dancer, eight buckets of black paint, one bucket of red paint, two massive sheets of plastic, two massive pieces of white roll paper, a videographer, some photographers, a couple slow motion capable cameras, lighting equipment, a warehouse/filming space, a production team, a filming schedule, a post-production team, some epic bass music, and people who want to create a dazzling thing.

I’m putting together the first Limitless collaboration project. Think of it as a combination of a ball, a party, and a bunch of piñata’s getting destroyed in slow motion. Performers in formalwear with costume flair showing off their talents in an environment that’s designed to be creative, fun, and absolutely spectacular to watch.

Why would we be doing this? Because it would be fun, because it’s art, because it’s something that we can use to showcase our unique talents and creativity to the world. I want to create an environment where my friends, the most creative people I know, can express themselves in any way that they see fit.

I’m going to need help doing this. I’m willing to take the lead on this but I’m going to need an entire team of people behind me to get this thing started, rolling, and manifested.

Game on. Let’s do this.

If you’re interested in being part of this project, contact me on the Limitless Reflection Facebook page or by email at

Paradiso Festival 2013 Goblin Queen Super Geek League

Paradiso Festival 2013 Performance Recap

Paradiso Festival 2013 Goblin Queen Super Geek LeagueNeon soundwaves shattered the hills of the Pacific Northwest with sounds of bass, trap, tech house, and a variety of electronica noise accompanied by 27,000+ decked out fans. A smiling American mouse saluted an American stadium built in a dreamland of epic, and epic it was.

Tall, beautifully-grotesque creatures shambled through the massed throngs of happy, rocked out ravers. The Kandi kids shouted PLUR! and traded strings of creativity with their colorful world. The Bro culture threw their egos aside for a moment and joined humanity in a space that merged nature with the freedom of large sound. Amusement rides spiraled throughout the amphitheater, creating wonder and dazzling the hillside. Lights and lasers shot into the night, accompanying the music of the Millenials.

We created a world of Whomp, and unleashed ourselves in mass. Paradiso Festival 2013 had arrived.

Paradiso 2013 was the 4th USC Events show that I have had the pleasure of performing at with Super Geek League. About a year ago, I moved to the Pacific Northwest from Denver, CO. with the goal of becoming a national nightlife performer. I am a fire performer, a stilt walker, an aerialist, and a dancer. Paradiso 2013 was my first major performance at an Electronica Festival. I rocked 4 costume changes both Friday and Saturday, clocking in around 19 hours per day.

The weekend went by in a whirlwind of awesome.  National performers and performance teams including Super Geek League, Wildchild World, Team EZ, Stilt Circus, Fire Groove, Emerald City Trapeze, and performers from Las Vegas took over the visually stunning Gorge Amphitheater and performed next to some of the top DJ’s in the world. Dozens of costumes littered the walls and tables of the performance base camp. Rapid fire schedule changes, multiple stages, and production professionals turned the Paradiso Backstage area into a ballet of coordinated performances.

Daytime was filled with stilting shenanigans and costumed aliens. We had brought our own interactive sound, the talented Chaotic Noise Marching Corps, and we unleashed them on the crowd.

As dusk turned to dark, the setting sun signaled the time to unleash fire! It’s always an amazing experience, being in front of thousands of people. Add a bit of fire performance and large sound to the mix and you have something truly exhilarating.

As fire ended, the light costumes came out to play. Modern technology is allowing us to turn ourselves into shining bits of art. We get to play with the workings of visual attraction and interactive movement. There’s a certain satisfaction that comes with watching thousands of people light up with wonder and amazement as they react to a combination of dance and visual art.

Paradiso Festival 2013 was an amazing spectacle. Next up, Freak Night.

Make sure to check out Super Geek League online and come to our show July 20th at the Neptune in Seattle. Many thanks to USC Events and all of the amazing events that they throw.