Coming Back to Reality

Coming Back to Reality

Every now and then we need to take a breath, look around, and recognize reality. Take the time to analyze life in an objective moment. Triggering introspective immediacy can be beneficial to living life to its fullest.

I strive to reach my true capacity. Sometimes I stray from my goals. I lose what I want to the moment. This isn’t a bad thing. It just is. The cool thing is being able to recognize that I may have lost momentum. I have the ability to correct this. Analysis and reaction. It’s rad.

One of my favorite movies is Never Back Down. In addition to being a great MMA movie, the writer(s) for the movie took a moment to try and get a point across to us: It’s up to us to control the moment, control the outcome of a situation, and control our own lives. Everything we are is on ourselves. We are responsible for who and what we are.

If something doesn’t go right for me, it’s because I have done something wrong. I could have done things differently, and it’s on me to recognize that fact. That’s when the ability to analyze and change direction comes into play.

The major outlying factor that continuously derails, distracts or enhances this process is emotion. I am an emotional creature. I feel. I’m grateful for this (though at times it can be the bane of my existence). Experiencing emotions… (heh… how strange. I start to type about my emotions and I suddenly find myself at a loss for words.)

It has been a while since I’ve really allowed myself to feel emotions in my full capacity. I haven’t really taken the time to explore them. I guess we can say that it’s been a while since I’ve really paid attention to myself. I’ve concentrated on putting my energies into others. It’s something I know and I’m good at it.

Well then… Cool. I guess I’m going to have to start opening up and start allowing things to happen. I have no idea how I’ll be going about doing this… It should get interesting.


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