A Current Snapshot of Capacity and Desire

A Current Snapshot of Capacity and Desire


Well! It’s only been a week and the site seems to be progressing well. The banner will still need some work, but for the most part, this is going well. Updates to the site that I worked on over the weekend include: The Pictures|Video page, the Categories section, the Pinterest button, and some of the site content. Go check out the Pictures|Videos page after you are done reading this post for a new gallery of a few of my performance pictures. I will be updating the information on the pictures throughout the week.

Updates off of the site: The Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Twitter pages are all up and running. Click on the buttons to the right to access any of these sites. Become a fan on Facebook and Follow C+D on Twitter to get updates when new posts go up.

A Current Snapshot of Capacity and Desire

As I have been creating the Capacity and Desire site, I have been thinking about what I would like the site to become. My past site (DeathByDenver.com) was created because I needed something to practice my marketing, social media, advertising, branding, writing, design, and coding skills. It served a very broad and fun purpose, but seemed to lack direction and goals. Posting was sporadic, topics were varied, and the site didn’t seem to know if it was a personal blog, and informational site, or a combination of the two.

One of the main ideas that I have come across throughout my education with social media, marketing, branding, and advertising is the idea that a brand needs to have a strong identity to be able to survive and thrive. A brand needs to know what it is, what it does, and who it’s for.

Capacity and Desire is going to be both a personal blog and an informational site. It is going to be a clear combination of the two categories.

The Personal Blog

The personal blog posts on this site will be about me. What I’m currently up to. Where I’m at both personally and professionally and what my goals are for the future. I should have some posts coming soon about my current life and my current life goals.

The Informational Posts

There are quite a few interests and hobbies that I share with varying cultures in the world. I plan on posting about these interests. What would people want to know about the happenings in these cultures? What future events are coming up?

I would also like to start posting helpful professional information that I have learned about marketing, advertising, branding, social media, etc. Depending on how I would like this to be displayed, I might add a professional section to the C+D site. I will explore this as I go.

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