Website Design

Let me build your website! I use the WordPress content management system to build websites and blogs. This allows me to have the freedom to create websites using pre-built templates in a short amount of time. I can customize your website for your business and brand the site to use your business’s colors, logos, and themes.

Here’s a list of some of the things I can do to get your website up and running:

  • Building the website – Site build with initial content creation.
  • SEO pages – Web pages built with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in mind.
  • Site structure – Clean site structure so your clients and customers can easily access your site and understand what they are seeing.
  • Website Analytics – Once your site has been built, I can get you set up with a Google Analytics account. This will allow you to see how many people are visiting your site, what pages they visit, and what they’re interested in!
  • Branding – Your brand, complete with colors and logos (that you provide), online.
  • Website Administration – Once your website is up and running, you’re going to need someone to run it. I can be your website administrator or I can teach you how to manage your new website!


Building the website:

  • Basic website package
    • SEO pages
    • Site structure and design – Visually pleasing and easy to figure out where everything is so your customers don’t have to go looking for information or get confused.
    • Website Analytics – I’ll get you set up with Google Analytics. This will help you track how your website is doing.
    • Branding – You get me the logos and colors that you would like to use on your website, I’ll get the website to look visually pleasing.
  • Online Store: Price Negotiable due to amount of time that it takes to set up an online storefront.
    • The online store will come with everything that the Basic Website package offers.
    • Web storefront – Do you want to sell items online? I can get a website up and running with items that you would like to sell. Once the initial site is up, I can teach you how to post items to sell on your new web store.

Website Administration

Important Note: While I can build your website I can’t host your website. I can recommend HostGator or Dreamhost as hosting providers.
PHP 4.3 and MySQL 4.1.2. are the minimum requirements that your hosting provider must have before I can build your website. If you’re not sure what that means or you don’t know if your website hosting provider meets these requirements, please contact me and we’ll figure it out!

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