Web Marketing

If your small business has a website, you are going to want to grow your customer base so you can gain more customers and make more money! I can help your business with web marketing.

  • A Marketing Plan – Does your business have a marketing plan? Does your business have an online marketing plan? I can help you create and implement a one year, three year, or five year marketing plan.
  • Marketing Research – Who are your customers? What do they like? Who are your competitors? What are they doing that you should be doing? What do you do better? Are there other opportunities out there for your business?
  • Marketing Campaign Designs - Email marketing campaigns, Inbound Marketing, Adwords, short term campaigns, long term campaigns, and more! There’s quite a few ways to implement a marketing campaign. Let’s design one and make sure you cover all of your marketing bases.
  • Inbound Marketing - Gain customers by providing them with useful information and they will come to you! Writing a White Paper, providing customers with an instructional blog or video, and enriching others’ lives will get people to start thinking of your business as a positive resource in their lives. Becoming a resource will lead to more sales.
  • Branding - What makes your business different from your competitors? What is your business’s identity? How and why is your business better? Branding your business will give it it’s own identity and will better define your business in your customer’s minds. A strong brand inspires customer loyalty.

Social Media Marketing is gaining huge traction in today’s growing online and offline world. If you own a small business, one way to gain visibility in today’s market is through Social Media Marketing. I can help your business with it’s Social Media Visibility.

  • Dynamic Content – Does your business have a blog? How many pictures are on your website and each website post? Are you creating informational videos that your customers can watch? The more dynamic content your site has, the more people can learn and become increasingly interested in your business.
  • Social Media Sites – Your business should have a presence on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Youtube. You can actively engage potential customers through these sites and hopefully turn them into advocates for your business.

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