Destination: Seattle

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Beginner’s Fusion Dance Classes with Nate Miller (Caretaker)

Want to learn the basics of Fusion Movement? Pop and Lock? Ballet?

Tuesdays through February and March at Guildwerks, I will be teaching Beginner’s Fusion Dance.

What I’ll be teaching and what you’ll be learning:

Beat (when to move your body).

Basics of movement including:
Levels (height of movements)

Being comfortable on the dance floor.

Music will be tech house, dubstep, etc. Feel free to bring an iPod with music you would like to learn how to dance to.

What to wear: Comfortable clothing you can move in! I’d suggest tennis shoes too.

Tuesday February 21th at 6-7 and 7-8. Come for one or come for both (only pay for one, come to both). $10 ($5 if you can’t afford $10).

E-mail Nate at for questions.

You can find the Facebook event at:

Amon Tobin: Isam Live

Tonight! Amon Tobin’s sold out show in Denver. Isam Live has been one of the most talked about electronic shows on tour ever. The visual mapping, stage design, and audio all are tuned to an epic frequency, and tonight it all pops off!

I’ll be posting images live during this event. Video will go up tomorrow!



The opener (Emika), while good, is holding back. The crowd is here for visuals. She has a very dark set. Weird choice for an opener. I dig her sound though (it seems like the crowd does too). Dubstep light with vocals.

Someone just pointed out the projectors to me. Holy hell these things are big. I’ll try and get a pic after the show. (Next day update: Never got to take the pic.)

Damn! I’ll post later. Haveta watch this. Images and video below!


This video has to be my favorite from the set.