More Capacity and Desire Site and Life Updates

One thing I’ve learned while working in an office setting is to always keep backup-reserve stores of coffee creamer for the days where everything goes weird.

A Tale of a Stolen Car

Denver Cruiser Ride Bicycle

I'm going to need a new ride.

Today is one of the weird days. First, apologies to any morning readers for the delayed post. I meant to write this post last night, but instead spent a few hours looking at getting a new car (long story short, my car was stolenĀ last Thursday and now I need a new one). It has been a weird week! I’m not used to having things stolen. I’m the person who goes out of their way to know where all of their possessions are. Having an entire car disappear is a bit unnerving. I’m figuring it out.

Life Changes and Performances

Well, while we’re on the subject of my life, I might as well share some current happenings with all of you. I have a dream job interview coming up Friday (wish me luck please!), a going away event this weekend, and I’m hoping to schedule one or two last performances in Denver before I head off to Seattle.

Ah! I can’t wait to perform in Seattle. I’m looking forward to being in a new performance scene. There’s always so much to learn, so many ways to improve and get better at everything! I’m going to need to step it up in my costuming, clowning, and fire routines. There are many friends on the West Coast who live the glamorous performance life. I’m hoping to learn from them and work beside them. If any readers know a performer, troupe, group, music collective, or artist collective that I should get in touch with in Seattle, please shoot me an email, contact me on the Facebook page, or hit me up on Twitter!

In the meantime, life has been spent constantly studying marketing, advertising, writing, design, SEO, social media marketing (the right way), dancing, website coding, networking, etc. Throw guitar into that and you almost have the full mix!

The Capacity and Desire Site

I am happy to say that the next and last links have been added to the site. The banner is the next thing on the list to start fixing/working on. After that I think I’ll work on optimizing the code of the site while adding professional and performance sections. My goal is to have three articles per week for Capacity and Desire readers. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday posts! If you haven’t checked out Monday’s Burning Man article, go check it out now and as always, please like C+D on Facebook and share the site with your friends. Friday’s article will most likely be a reviews and rants article!

Burning Man 2012: Tickets & Ideas

This is the first installment of a weekly article on the Burner (Burning Man) culture, current events, and stories.

Burning Man Burners Crossing SignThe STEP program has rolled out. While I can’t say it is a system that truly works (Multiple page timeouts , getting dropped from the queue, and the system opening and closing within a half hour), it is a system. Currently I have heard of at least two people receiving tickets through the STEP program. This is two more than I would have predicted seeing as most Burners that I have talked to are trying to supply their camps first and friends second. Many are not considering giving extra tickets to STEP. I am happy that some people are getting tickets through the program.

If you don’t know already, Burning Man has been contacting theme camps, art cars, and infrastructure contacts to make sure that these participants get tickets to the Burn. As I have not received a call myself (my camp’s village has) I can’t say whether this piece of information is 100% true or not but word on the street is;

“The BMORG is distributing tickets to the theme camps. You need to have your application in by March 8th and there will be a small window to purchase them on March 9th. I just received a phone call from a long time burner who has created large art asking me if I could spare one and his camp hasn’t applied for placement yet. If you are part of a camp and do not have tickets get that application in ASAP. “

After doing some research, I have found the full letters to camp leads and art cars have been posted at

Now that step is closed, I have seen many Burners without tickets asking how they should now go about getting tickets. Here is a list of suggestions:

1) If you have ever been part of a theme camp, get in touch with your camp and submit an application by March 8th and hope your camp gets accepted/invited to come to Burning Man. You have three days.
2) If you have not been part of a theme camp, find friends that have and ask them if they need or have any extra openings for new members. Jump on board with theme camps and art cars that are applying.
3) Search and find any art projects that have access to tickets but still need people.
4) Start joining groups and forums for the larger Burning Man scene, meet other Burners, and try to network your way into getting a ticket. If you need some links to specific groups, feel free to email me at and I will get back to you with some suggestions.
5) Watch the STEP program closely during the next few months. As we get closer to the Burn, many people find that they can’t make the Burn. An estimated 40% of tickets sold so far have been to Virgin Burners. I’m guessing that at least 10% of that 40% will not be able to go to the Burn. Their tickets will open up to the larger community so be ready to grab one of those when they become available.
6) Try not to feed the scalpers. We don’t want to give them the money or satisfaction of exploiting this situation.
7) If all else fails, look into going to some of the Regional Burns that have spread throughout the world. Spread the Burner culture, teach others the 10 principles, hug everyone, create new art, put on a show, start a traveling performance tour, etc.

This year is going to be an interesting Burn. Please make sure to like this post and share it with your friends to give them some ideas on how to get tickets too. If you want to follow future Burning Man articles from Capacity and Desire, please like the Capacity and Desire Facebook Page and follow us on Twitter.

C+D: Creating, Updating, and Branding

Capacity and Desire

The C+D brand building is starting to happen. Business cards are coming soon. Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter are all up and running with new content. Google + will be updated when everything is flushed out and ready. Seattle pages and users on Facebook are starting to connect. It’s keeping me motivated.

I’m working on my SEO skills (Thanks to Google and SEOmoz). Capacity and Desire is now connected to Google Analytics and pictures throughout the site are SEO optimized. Check out some new content out over in the Pictures|Video section of the site. The C+D Pinterest page is being used daily. Definitely check it out and follow some of the boards that you may be interested in.

I’m hoping to get some posts ready to auto update during the first week in Seattle. Currently, I’m updating the code and structure of the site. A ‘next page’ button/link will be available soon to see older posts.

Moving and Performing:

I’m moving to Seattle soon. Very soon. In fact, I’ve stopped saying months and have now moved on to saying days. You could say that I’m a little nervous about the move. You could also say that I’m extremely excited. I have so much to do before I go. It’s strange to think that I could actually leave tomorrow if I get a job that early.

I’m learning some very fun and interesting dance combinations to add to my ever-growing pool of moves. I’m hoping I can take my dance fusion class to Seattle when I get there. I am also hoping to partner up with Wren LaFeet and get some new performance material down. Performing in a new state while using the Capacity and Desire brand will be fun.

On a related dance subject, La Preuve Par 4 is a dance team that uses moves that I can recreate. Their performance video from a street team dance competition in 2011 is what I’m currently using as inspiration. Check it out below.

Be on the lookout for a new post Monday!

A Current Snapshot of Capacity and Desire


Well! It’s only been a week and the site seems to be progressing well. The banner will still need some work, but for the most part, this is going well. Updates to the site that I worked on over the weekend include: The Pictures|Video page, the Categories section, the Pinterest button, and some of the site content. Go check out the Pictures|Videos page after you are done reading this post for a new gallery of a few of my performance pictures. I will be updating the information on the pictures throughout the week.

Updates off of the site: The Facebook, Google Plus, Pinterest, and Twitter pages are all up and running. Click on the buttons to the right to access any of these sites. Become a fan on Facebook and Follow C+D on Twitter to get updates when new posts go up.

A Current Snapshot of Capacity and Desire

As I have been creating the Capacity and Desire site, I have been thinking about what I would like the site to become. My past site ( was created because I needed something to practice my marketing, social media, advertising, branding, writing, design, and coding skills. It served a very broad and fun purpose, but seemed to lack direction and goals. Posting was sporadic, topics were varied, and the site didn’t seem to know if it was a personal blog, and informational site, or a combination of the two.

One of the main ideas that I have come across throughout my education with social media, marketing, branding, and advertising is the idea that a brand needs to have a strong identity to be able to survive and thrive. A brand needs to know what it is, what it does, and who it’s for.

Capacity and Desire is going to be both a personal blog and an informational site. It is going to be a clear combination of the two categories.

The Personal Blog

The personal blog posts on this site will be about me. What I’m currently up to. Where I’m at both personally and professionally and what my goals are for the future. I should have some posts coming soon about my current life and my current life goals.

The Informational Posts

There are quite a few interests and hobbies that I share with varying cultures in the world. I plan on posting about these interests. What would people want to know about the happenings in these cultures? What future events are coming up?

I would also like to start posting helpful professional information that I have learned about marketing, advertising, branding, social media, etc. Depending on how I would like this to be displayed, I might add a professional section to the C+D site. I will explore this as I go.