Performance in a World of Possibilities

The world is a truly amazing place. It’s full of wonders. Get outside, seek them out, create them. It will make things interesting.

I’ve always loved being on the stage. Getting up in front of a crowd and moving, singing, dancing and laughing. Inspiring people. It’s something worth loving.

Every performer knows the magic that is performance. The magic of getting ready for a show, the fun chaos of hell weeks. The singular focus that brings multiple people together to create something fun, and something new.

Stanislovsky had it right. Being a performer is a noble thing. Others get to see you living life in an amazing world. Others become involved, entrapped in something that they connect with at a basic level. It helps bring purpose into their worlds. Another reason to live.

Sometimes I want to empower the world so that people’s true capacities can be fully reached. Everyone is capable of everything. As soon as an individual realizes this, the possibilities in their life tend to open. Empower each other. It makes everything more awesome.


Success in Seattle

Capacity and Desire Web is a small business that I am trying to get up and running. Please check out my IndieGogo Campaign and help me raise the money to start my small business. 

One of the nicest things about being part of the greater Burning Man culture is the instant connection that I have with other Burners. For example: One month ago, I moved to Seattle. In that month, I have made many new friends, have attended quite a few potlucks, and have been welcomed into the greater Seattle Burner culture. I’m starting to remember people’s names, people are recognizing me and I feel right at home in my new city.

The Burners out here have quite an interesting culture. They all tend to be older than their mid-twenties and many of them are successful people in both their artistic and professional lives. I don’t know if it’s the new Burners I’m surrounding myself with or the new and exciting city, but I’ve never been this focused to succeed.

A list of what I’ve done and started in Seattle so far:

  • Started a new workout and eating program so I can have the performance body I’ve always wanted
  • Started running
  • Started a new business: Capacity and Desire Web
  • Started an IndieGogo Campaign for Capacity and Desire Web
  • Managed to get two new clients for Capacity and Desire Web
  • Landed a job at a start-up company
  • Became the Assistant Shin for Northwest Conclave
  • I’m now a dancer with New Vision Dance Company Seattle
  • Continued to progress with my guitar practicing
  • Attended some networking events
  • Created the Exodus Festival website

It’s pretty amazing that I’ve managed to do all of this so far. I still have a lot to do with my life. It’s pretty awesome to be living it the way I want to.

Performing in a New City


Two weeks ago, I moved to Seattle. Things out here have been extremely interesting and fast paced. Everything is different and everything is similar.

It’s so green out here! I come from Colorado, a very dry and desert-like place. Colorado has amazing mountains, but very little water in comparison to Seattle. Out here, things are green year-round and right now, everything is starting to bloom.

There’s so much water out here! Every time I go over, under, across, and see a bridge, I say one of three things: Wow, Pretty, or Water! Right after that it’s usually: Look at the boats!!! It’s going to be a while before I get over the visual stimulation of this city.

The bus system in Seattle is very functional. I’m getting used to keeping a few dollars on me to be able to take the bus instead of taking my car. That being said, I’m still very happy to have a car in Seattle. It gives me the freedom to move around as I see fit.

The Job

I didn’t get the job that I was going for at SEOmoz, which is quite a bummer. Their lack of communication after the interview process is quite annoying, but other than that, it was a really fun and intense interview process. I’m slamming out the applications daily now. Amazon, Microsoft, and small to medium sized businesses, I’m applying everywhere for marketing, internet marketing, SEO, and administrative assistant positions.

I’ve decided to also try and get my own business up and running. I will be building websites for small to medium businesses using the WordPress platform. I will then maintain these websites and do freelance SEO, Social Media Marketing, and Inbound Marketing for new clients. I’m getting my portfolio up and running and I plan to announce the new business over on I will also be doing an online fundraiser to get my new business off the ground. Please check back this Thursday for more information!

C+D Performance

I’ve been performing with New Vision Dance company for two weeks now. We have a performance coming up on May 5th and 6th. I’ll be posting about the show later. It’s been fun working with NVDC. We’ve already done a photo shoot and finished up choreography on one piece for the show.

Fire dancing is a blast out here in Seattle. There’s a really big community of fire performers out here. I’m working with NW Fire Conclave for the Burn as their Assistant Shin. We’re working on some very fun choreography and fire costumes. New choreography is leading me to learn new skills and is pushing me to develop myself as a performer.

I’m looking into getting a performance troupe going. This is a long-term project though and I’m definitely going to have to take the time to start developing costumes.

Now that I’ve finally settled in, I plan on getting back to posting 2 to 3 times a week from now on. As always, thank you for reading and please share Capacity and Desire with your friends!