Spots Scattered on the Wall

Have you ever watched light flow like water? Have you ever seen a dancer fly, gliding on a wall of silk hundreds of feet above the ground? Have you ever lived in a world where people treat themselves as works of art, using each moment to shine externally as they do internally?

We live in a world of wonders. A place where anything you imagine can happen. If you dream it, you can create it. Design is only limited by time. Take the time to design your world and you can create limitless wonders and dreams. Treat the world as if it will still be here tomorrow and make something that matters.


Performance Playbook: The Training

Being a performer with a day job takes some serious work. In my quest to become a professional performer I’ve been stepping up my performance training to around 3 hours a day. Surprisingly, this isn’t enough. I would like to be clocking in at around 30 hours a week. To do this, I’m now pushing my training up to two times a day.

Training is hard, rewarding, fun, and wild work. I’m constantly coming up with new ways to push my body while making sure I’m eating correctly. Here’s some of the workouts I incorporate into my weekly routines:

Capacity and Desire Fire Dancing

Fire Dancing:

I’m trying to push a different kind of fire dancing than what you might see at most fire events. I’m actively dancing and moving while I spin fire. I’ve seen so many fire spinners out there that spin while they stand in place. Fire dancing can be so much more than that. I learned this when I started having to move with my double swords. Fire swords are a static tool (unlike poi which are on chains and have the ability to keep moving even though the dancer might be standing still). To look halfway decent with the swords, I have to create some really dynamic movements. These movements have spilled over into my Poi and Staff dancing.


I really admire slim, feminine-looking, male performers (think Wildchild World). They have very sexual-looks to their characters… which is something that I feel that I have been lacking. For the longest time, I’ve been trying to slim down to get myself in a place where I might be able to imitate their looks.  Recently, I’ve realized that I have a very different body type than they do. I have a body that likes to put on muscle and then slim down. More of a powerful, masculine look (like the performers at Zen Arts). To play on this strength, I upped the poundage on my free weights and started the two days on, one day off weightlifting routine.

Aerial and Tumbling:

I practice aerial once a week on Wednesdays at Emerald City Trapeze. This has been great and I have many of the fundamentals of Aerial fabrics down. I’m leaving for the Firebird Rising Showcase in LA and Apogaea in Denver in two weeks. When I get back to Seattle after my travels, I plan  on purchasing an open gym membership at the Aerial studio and stepping up my practicing to at least 3 times a week. This should give me the ability to perform Aerial fabrics in front of an audience by September.

I took some tumbling classes at the studio. This gave me the basics of tumbling and I have been incorporating the movements I learned into my weights and dancing routines. I hope to be doing handstands and hand balancing by the end of the summer.


On the days that I’m not lifting weights, I’m practicing dance. YouTube has been helping me learn the basics of Ballet. 3 weeks in and my range of movement has already increased. I’ve been getting some comments that my dancing is more on-point than it has been in the past. I plan on taking some classes with the Massive Monkees here soon. To keep this fun, I make sure to go out dancing at least once a week at some of the local shows. StageMe has been helping me widen my range of pop-and-lock movements. I get a ton of cardio out of the dancing that I do. I try and hit up the stilts once every month or so, just to keep on point for the big shows.

The hardest part of getting into professional-performance-shape for me has been the diet. I have had to learn how to eat healthy. Definitely not something that I’m used to and still something that I’m working on daily. It’s a fight, but I’m getting used to it.

Firebird Rising: Phase 1 – Funding

Dearest Burner Community,

It is with extreme pleasure that I have the opportunity to present you with Firebird Rising. I am so excited that this show will be coming into existence. It’s struck a spark within me.

Firebird RisingDo you remember the first time you saw the Playa at night? That sense of overwhelming wonder and amazement. A place ripe with beauty and magic! Lights and sound cascading into the air of the world to create a physical pulse of something truly alive and deeply right. Travelers that were never truly strangers would pass and look you in the eyes and smile, because you are beautiful! What’s that shining light in the distance? Is it art? Is it a person? Whatever it is, it’s where you need to be and oh Oh! The journey there will be quite delightful! Let’s hop a ship and gift a story. Dance and tumble and laugh and breathe! Scream ‘I am!’ and hug your neighbor.

Do you remember the first time you came upon the Temple? Reading the lives of humanity. Learning their stories. The silence. The sound of fifty thousand whispers and the intricate weave of healing. A cry of joy from the masses at sunrise, just for the shear sake of greeting the sun. The warmth of the fire on your face as you say goodbye for yet another year.

Do you remember the first time you rounded the final corner and saw the city of Black Rock? The size and shape of a city centered around one lone figure, visited by all who attend. Do you remember your first burn? Hundreds of individual fires igniting at once to create a shared experience of something amazing. The rushing excitement as we all lit up as one and celebrated our existence!

Dearest Burners, we have created a new culture, something wonderful, worth living for. We have created a culture that has no physical boundaries, no religious requirements, and is open and available to all who wish to participate.

It’s time to gift another slice of our culture to the default world. Firebird Rising is that gift. Combining light, sound, visual effects, theater, puppetry, projection mapping, aerial dancing, fire, stilts and more all choreographed to original musical pieces interlaced with Stravinsky’s Firebird, Firebird Rising is going to be an inspiration to all it touches.

It needs some help in getting off the ground. As of this writing, Firebird Rising has raised $7,000 of the $25,000 that it needs to come into existence. Please, take five minutes out of your day and watch the video below. Be inspired. Contribute if you can and if you can’t, please help us spread the word of Firebird Rising by sharing the Indiegogo campaign and the video. We have less than one week left to meet our goal.

Thank you,

Nate Caretaker

Indiegogo Campaign
Facebook Page

So Much to Do!

Ah ah! It’s been a while. Things have been quite interesting over the past few months. I’ve been sorting some things out and have been keeping busy.

USC Events Resolution NYE Capacity and Desire and Super Geek LeagueMy performance life has been wonderfully amazing of late. I performed with Super Geek League on New Years Eve as the Ice King. Indiyana Rae Von was the Ice Queen. We ran around together rocking dance battles on stilts and taking pictures with the crowd. I really love EDM Bass fans. They’re just about the happiest people on the planet. It’s really fun when a bunch of them are running around your stilts/trying to climb you to ask how you happened to get such an awesome job.

Mid-February, I took off to perform in Denver with the Unicorns, Whomp Truck, the Fusion Factory and see my best friend perform in Bohemia. Performing with the Unicorns is always a treat. Bohemia stole the weekend with the best show I’ve seen in Denver. The whole weekend was a whirlwind of stilting, acro-yoga, acro-fire, tumbling, aerial, fire dancing, costumes, and friends. While I had a blast in Denver, I’m bummed I missed out on a Super Geek League show while I was away.

I have the beginnings of a new costume I’m calling Whomp Bot 1.0. I’m working on lighting costume design for this one and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

Capacity and Desire Fucking Unicorns Whomp Bot

My aerial skills are finally rounding out and I definitely should be able to perform with them by June.

There’s so much to write about! I’ll break this down into a few posts and start getting pictures up in the meantime.

Coming up:
USC Events Lucky 2013 with Super Geek League
More to be announced with Bassdrop, SGL, Apogaea, and more!