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A Daily inspiration Facebook feed for performers, a hub for my thoughts and ideas in the creative world of catching people’s attention. This site is shifting direction in the Spring and Summer of 2014. It’s going to be more focused on combining my professional and performance worlds to create attention-grabbing ideas for the world.

Capacity and Desire Web is a Website Design, Internet Marketing, Marketing, and Social Media shop for small and medium businesses.

The Capacity and Desire Concept

If someone desires to achieve their full potential during life, the only thing they are limited by is their capacity to achieve their desires.

We have the ability to achieve everything that we wish to. The goal is to increase our capacity to achieve. If we have the desire to increase our capacity, we can truly live up to our full potential.


Nate Miller (Caretaker) is from Denver, Colorado. When he’s not updating the Capacity and Desire site he spends his time running around and experiencing life. Some of his current hobbies include; Circus Arts Performing, Fire Spinning, Fire Breathing, learning to play the guitar, dancing (mix of hip hop, Austin crunk, liquid, and ballet), stilt-walking, aerial fabric (newest hobby), writing Fiction, coding (HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP, and SQL), advertising and marketing.


Email: CapacityandDesire@gmail.com
Twitter: @CapacityDesire
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CapacityAndDesire